Hi, there! My name is Ira, I’m a mom of two beautiful children, healthy food addict and a Greek foodie.

Panos Eats was created to share my passion about childhood nutrition and to encourage other parents and caregivers to serve healthy, fun and delicious meals to their kids. I always had a love for cooking and after I gave birth to my son, Panos, this love multiplied. I enjoy serving healthy, nutritious food and playing with different ingredients, which sometimes I incorporate into the recipes that my mom and grandmother passed me down.

“Let’s create memories around food”

Here you will find easy and uncomplicated recipes to answer the usual question “What is for dinner tonight?”. You will also find delicious snacks, savory and sweet, and fun ideas for breakfast and lunchboxes. In addition, I’m sharing tips and tricks on how to encourage kids to eat healthy and intuitively.

For our family “food is an experience“. We love going all together in the marker and pick fresh, in-season ingredients. We enjoy cooking together and eating as a family while we create memories around food.

I’m raising a foodie after all!

Welcome to my kitchen

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