This was the best snack ever! Panos obsolutely loved this healthy Napoleon smoothie. It baby friendly recipe is so refreshing and packed with nutrients and vitamins from the vegetables and fruits. And I promise this layered drink will impress your little one. You will need just a handful of yummy ingredients so lets get into making the best smoothie, shall we?

“Mom, this is so special”

Panos said

What you will need

  • Banana. Try to use ripe bananas as this is the main sweetener of this drink.
  • Frozen fruits. I used a variety of frozen fruits on the different smoothie flavor layers. I like to use variety of fruits for variety of nutrients but if you don’t have all of them on hand feel free to use what you have on hand. Just make sure that on the vanilla layer you will use yellow fruits, such as mango, pineapple, peach, nectarine to make sure that the color remains light.
  • Vegetables. Yes you read it correctly! I added vegetables on each flavor to boost the vitamins’ intake. I promise that you will not taste them at all in the final smoothie.
  • Pantry staples. You will need raw cacao powder, pure vanilla extract and optionally maple syrup.
  • Almond milk. Or pretty much any milk of your choice in case you want to thin out the final mixture.

How I served it

This recipe is perfect for a smoothie bowl, where you can add one layer next to the other and add any toppings that you like. This time I served it on individual glass bottles which Panos absolutely love. Of course, we used our Bubba boo reusable bamboo straws which are an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to plastic. If you are looking for a great alternative to classic plastic straws, those are a great solution and I find them very durable. Don’t forget to use code PANOSEATS on Bubba Boo website to get 12% off your purchase.

Healthy Neapolitan smoothie

Recipe by Panos EatsDifficulty: Easy


Prep time




  • Vanilla
  • 1 banana

  • 6 ounces (170.1 grams) frozen mango

  • 2 ounces (56.7 grams) cauliflower

  • 1/2 tsp pure vanilla extract

  • Chocolate
  • 1 banana

  • 6 ounces (170.1 grams) frozen peaches

  • 1/2 avocado

  • 2 tbsp raw cacao powder

  • 2 tbsp almond milk

  • 1 tbsp maple syrup or honey (optional)

  • Strawberry
  • 1 banana

  • 6 ounces (170.1 grams) frozen strawberries

  • 2 ounces (56.7 grams) peeled cucumber


  • In your blender, blend away all the ingredients for the chocolate layer
  • Add the chocolate mixture in your cups
  • Blend all the ingredients for the vanilla layer
  • Add the vanilla mixture in your cups
  • Blend all the ingredients for the strawberry layer
  • Add the strawberry mixture in your cups
  • In of the layers if you need to think the mixture out, add a splash of almond milk while blending

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